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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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and are we looking at the office of economic workforce development and possible reduction of the management position which will be 141,000 a year, and manager five position that will have the security and general hospital, and for move thating position to be $153,000 per year. and reducing and the vehicle reductions that could also yield the cost savings and i will leave it up to the departments of the mayor's office to work with us over the ideas of the vehicle reductions and if, we were to do, quarter one percent reductions and the salary, and the fringe benefits across the city, i know that we could yield the cost savings and i know that there are impacts of doing the things across the board cuts and that may have in many positions and the services that we and many of us in this office, jointly would agree should be available in the city. and we will get reduced but that is an option that i want to have up for consideration, and how and whether the option
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is another matter and also, you know, in the capital plan for one time savings that we might be able to fund, and the things that we have include in the capitol plan, include, improvement projects in your 1.2 million dollars and these are all, and projects that were like second tier projects and one that is critical in the infrastructure and 3.2 million, in the first fiscal year and golden gate park, and renovation project and savings of 500,000 and there is also a facility maintenance and the park that will be decommissioned soon of $500,000 yearly if we were to remove that maintenance for the park. and city hall emergency power capabilities of $620,000. and those are amount to over all, 7 million dollars, in the capitol plan alone, and also interested in other
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possibilities that could, be found between, you know, the controller's office and the mayor's office and the budget committee members and we will work it together and i want to read some ideas into the record of what could be looked at that could be before us over the next few hours, to decide upon. >> thank you, supervisor, avalos. >> and supervisor breed? >> thank you. >> through the chair, supervisor avalos, i just wanted to understand the details of your request to reduce the new security at san francisco general. what would that mean? i mean that i am sorry, san francisco general and laguna honda, could you explain? is it... and it will reduce the new security or the existing security? or i am trying to understand that. >> and it would be maintain a certain level of security but making a reduction in the security services that are there in the laguna honda and in the clinics and the sheriff just talked about you know the
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increase services in those places, but it would not or effect the general hospital facilities, so this is a, this is a new... >> and this budget analyst could talk about it within their report that came out last night. >> okay. >> and you want to. >> yes, for the chair. and in our report that we released last night and we looked at the changes in the security, and the evaluation of security that was done by usf was specific to san francisco general and we looked at enhance security and about the base line at laguna honda and i believe that the number was 1.2 million dollars increase. but we did not include in that was the increased security of the mental health clinics. >> supervisor mar? >> yes, i want to thank you for that potential list of revenue and say that i think that the street repaving pci score seems like one of the large amounts,
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even to improve our goals, but a little less ambitionly would help to save money that could go to deal with the housing crisis that you mentioned or what i would frame as the hunger and the food security crisis that we are facing especially among the many isolated and vulnerable seniors in our neighborhoods and i also wanted to ask the budget analyst from their report that was issued to us and there were a couple of policy recommendations and i know that the health air and clean transportation ordinance is one that is a small run, but the larger one, seems to be in the general fund expenditures for the problematic projects that seems like it increased 850 percent from the previous two years but could you go through just previously the policy
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option that we have on the projects as potential revenues? >> and our recommendation, and we looked at each one of those in the respectful department budgets and made the recommendations in the budgets, why we included that in there is more of how it is budgeted, that we believe that those should be budgeted as the continuing projects and so it is more of a budget approach, rather than a savings. >> and it was factored in during each department's recommendations that you made to each department? on looking at problematic projects like that? >> that is correct. >> thank you. >> and i also wanted to say that i know that from the budget justice, of coalition and the public hearings that we have held that many in the communities were highlighting what supervisor avalos mentioned as the displacement crisis, and rapid rehousing and some of the other issues to me are survival issues for many people to stay in the city,
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during the crisis that is pushing many out, and if we do have additional revenue, my hope is that it goes towards this critical safety net and not only for the people on the verge of being displaced but also, those who go to bed hungry, whether they are seniors or children as well. >> so, let me just see, on the roster is supervisor breed and then supervisor weiner. >> okay. >> thank you. mr., and vice chairman. i just have a couple of questions. and i am not sure on this, the list of that supervisor avalos that have been analyzed and i think that some of them have been and some of them have not. and so, i question, in case you have done this analysis, you could tell me whether you have done it. and so, reducing the pci, score, the average pci score, that the pavement condition in
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the index scores from the streets from 70 to 68 and which in real terms is cutting about ten million dollars a year out of road resurfacing, which is a one quarter of the proposed road resurfacing, budget. now, if i recall correctly on prop b, which was passed in 2011 actually contains the voter adoptive policy that we are to get to 70 pci scores, on our roads. and so, in terms, and i guess that i, i don't know if this is a, and a legal question, or maybe not. and in terms of what is the relevance of the fact that about 70 percent of the voters, voted to put 7 pci score, of 70, for our roads, and this will be a apparently adopting a policy that should be lower.
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and is that... does that have any relevance that voter adopted mandate or policy in whatever you want to call it? >> supervisors and members of the committee, we can take a look at the language that went before the voters we don't have it in front of us. >> i would appreciate that. >> and also a reduction of 10 million a year in road resurfacing and i also want to know how many street segments like i guess, it was about a block and how many street segments would then not get resurfaced that would have been resurfaced with that $10 million, and i think that it is really important to when we are considering, something that sounds really academic that we reduce the pci score for the roads from 70 to 68 and what that ten million dollars annual reduction would look like to regular san franciscans in terms of the number of streets that would not get resurfaced.
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and i also would like to know in terms of delaying the academy classes, what that, if that were to become something that we do, because we are doing three a year to try to catch up to get the full staffing and the police department, and if that were to become a trend, where we are now perhaps every year delaying the police academy classes by a month or two months or whatever it is. and especially since we are probably in the best budget year imaginable or there abouts, it is probably only going to get worse from here. and what that would mean in terms of how long it would take us to get back to the full staffing compared to what the mayor and the police chief have proposed. and what that would mean in terms of officers, on the street. and then, finally, in terms of the various infrastructure and proposed cuts on supervisor
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avalos's list and different kinds of infrastructure cuts and some of them are, apparent, and i would like more information on the two, the 2.3 million dollar possible cut to department of the emergency management's critical infrastructure protection and we want to know what that means, and it is sort of an ominous zoning phrase and i can imagine what it means, but i think that it is important of making the transparent, the budgeting decisions to know what that means. >> thank you, we will go to the
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questions and thank you. >> and i just want to thank you, supervisor weiner for your questions and these are actually policy choices and as the policy choices it is good to understand where the trade offs are and my, reason for doing this, is because, there is that huge demand, for from our offices and to honor or offices for pulling more of the budget than we have money for and so i want to go through the exercise of looking at our policy choices. and to helpful fill as much of that as possible, and certainly, we are going to have to reduce, you know, our expectations of what we can get, and i also want to increase our expectations of what we have. >> to call to no questions at this point in time and i move that we go to recess until 5 p.m., and we can gather at that point in time and have the further discussion, and so colleagues we are in recess. >> welcome back everyone to the san francisco board of
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supervisors budget and finance meeting for wednesday june 25, 2014. it is shortly after 5:00 p.m.. colleagues as we continue to discuss our fiscal budget we're going to go back into >> good evening edge week to the budget & finance committee for wednesday, june 25, 2014, it's about 7:15 p.m. we're going to go back into recess as we continue to discuss 9:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone welcome back to the san francisco budget & finance committee for wednesday, june 25, 2014. it is 905 we're going to go back
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into recess until 11:00 p.m. >> all right. good evening, everyone. welcome back to the board of supervisors san francisco budget & finance committee for another 10 minutes for wednesday, june 25, 2014. colleagues, we're here to pass out our budget for that this year.
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i want to thank a number of people as we start this process. first of all, i want to thank my colleagues in particular those on the budget & finance committee commissioner hyland and supervisor london breed and supervisor campos and all my other colleagues that have worked on this budget & finance committee. and in particular stephanie and katherine on the budget & finance committee and all my aids more this inside of city hall it takes a village to get something like that accomplished i want to thank our budget analyst office and to thank everyone up and down your entire staff and in particular mr. rose, of course, and thank you for your hard work in working for us. i want to thank the controller's
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office ben your entire staff and everybody you guys are amazing individuals and professionals as well. thank you very much. and last but not least to the entire mayors team in particular kate howard to your entire staff many who have last day behind you thank you for your hepatitis an incredible imprisoned for months for you all so, please know how much we appreciate your hard work. so colleagues we're going to vote on a birthing budget i know i want to make a few comments. in particular we are able to add back over $20 million in general fund and $13 million in year two. we were in particular highlights
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out of this budget we were able to put a significant amount of dollars into our homeless services like the eviction defense dollars that are needed as we talk about homelessness in san francisco this will help individuals and more importantly that people don't become homeless on our streets in san francisco we the look around food security and thank you to provide for meals for the vulnerable folks and additional park practical staff and significant capital in vision zero and animal care and control has additional staff and in particular what i'm excited but is the capital in our parks and
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infrastructure in san francisco we realize that need. so colleagues again, thank you for your support during that process i think we have a budget that reflects all san franciscans and has been a great process in road. i have a number of motions to make so i'll i'm going to turn it over to supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chair and mr. chair, i want to thank you for your leadership for the second year in a row we've been perhaps passing a budget out of committee before midnight that's the traditional 5:00 a.m. and that's in part because of your i think very skilled leadership in terms of working with everyone. and i've been continually
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expressed with your tenaciousness and with everyone you don't agree with opening on all issues. thank you to my staff jeff and others for in their support through the process and our city staff who do a tremendous job this is a wonderful balanced budget reflecting our priorities and values. once again, we thanks to the collaboration between the board and mayor this budget will backfill every penny of federal hiv cuts to prevention and care services. colleagues you'll recall since 2011, we've experienced more
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than $20 million from the federal government from the cuts from the federal government we've back filed those cuts and let's never lose sight of the uniqueness of san francisco we still have a large population struggling with this epidemic and many people at risk we're increased funding for housing assistance keeping people stable in their housing which is incredibly important i want to occasionally the work of the food access for nutrition coalition whatever you want to call them making sure people have access to food. this is the first year of the practitioner from that community we've been productive. we've also in addition to our
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strong commitment to health and human services we have a commitment to the physical part of our city making sure our infrastructure is strong and making sure that people can access all parts of our city. we thanks to mayor ed lee and the support from this board we'll be fully funding road resurfaced two years in a row and we'll be increasing the number of park proposal officers not only two on duty but helping to fuel the advantageism and dumping in our parks. we'll be increasing our commitment long overdue to animal care and control to this shelter that is understaffed we
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had to close down two days a week this is a safety net that didn't turn any animals away and increasing our cities overdue commitment to making sure that we're keeping our public spaces clean so everyone can use them so colleagues that is, i think a terrific budget and i'm proud of the committee work i thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor avalos >> thank you schaerl and i want to thank you for your combination of the mayors priorities and the board of supervisors. i want to thank you for your flexibility it's been a real
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pleasure to do so i think you won't be always agree with everyone i think you may have been talking about me i really appreciate the dialog with our office and your staff has been great to work with throughout the process so thank you for the collaboration. and also want to thank my staff and my office jeremy and pat and others from the beginning of the process and jeremy have down or done the lions work of the project and many other departments and supervisors, in fact, i think i saw most of the staff throughout the day i want to thank the mayors budget office i think urge oug to get
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more rest through the next few days this is not an easy budget to craft. i'm not, you know, absolutely ecstatic about the budget i think it could be a lot different especially looking at the affordability crisis we have in the city this budget doesn't reflect the - an equal amount of government resources going forwards our affordability crisis i was hoping we'd have funding for cola but given in terms of of the reallocation he with don't have that i was hoping for more money important affordable housing needs for the affordable housing construction we have prop c we're doing that
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that financing that will help us to dig into our pipeline we need to build by the needs are greater we need to respond to. i have placed an active roll crafting that budget over many months there are a lot of things in the budget i've helped to get in here i feel a responsibility to support the budget despite the things there's a lot of effort around the affordability in the housing crisis but because of the collaboration i've been involved in i'll be backing and supportive of this budget but i think with the weight with have and the revenue we're able to generate from the private side we could do better
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to support community that are struggling in the city and increase many cities on the southern part of the city that don't get the resources that other county receive i talk about this ever meeting and seems like that didn't cause a lot of things in how we reallocate dollars i'll be here 2 and a half years more and will hope for improvement but this budget is something i'll ready to support. i'm hoping that there can be other things we could do when the budget comes to the full board to meet the needs in san francisco i look forward to working with the closings colleagues over the next week
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thank you supervisor farrell for your unique work in crafting that budget and lastly thanks to the controller's office and the budget analyst for your help. you, you know, your helpful and i'm ready to vote. thanks >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor breed >> thank you. i want to start by thanking the budget committees it was great collaborating with you all but we went through a lot trying to make changes to address the challenges in our city in parking lot with the art it was great to see the spearheaded efforts for the arts we have at the data and support and now time for the action. i'm glad it this budget is
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competitive and it helps with some of the challenges we have citywide particularly in housing yet we looked at add backs as it relates to stabilization that are great city resources but i'm excited over the mayors budget as it relates to public housing. and i want to thank scott wiener for pushing the envelope on park proposal there's a lot of challenges there but we have a lot of resources necessary in order to help address the challenges that our parks face this is a comprehensive budget. i'm looking at to broadcasting those meetings or in the radio thank you supervisor mar for your leadership it was clear
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each member on this committee cares what happens with job opportunities so it clearly is demonstrated in this budget. and thank you supervisor farrell for your leadership on working with a lot of different individuals juggling u juggling and moving things you support in an effort to make sure that everyone can have something in this budget to be proud of. so i also want to thank my staff last year every member of the board complained i didn't thank my staff thank you guys for hanging in there and fight for our district and thank you harvey rose for keeping the
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meetings great, thank you for your perform when he would get upset sometimes, it was amazing. oh, no, he's not here today and thanks to benefiting from the controller's office and his team as well as kate howard and the folks at the mayor's office steve for continuing to work with us and to help us through this process. no didn't i didn't get everything i wanted but i appreciate about that budget there's a lot for all of us to work with and i know throughout the course of year we'll be pushing for changes for the things. i think yes. that was it i know everybody is tired and ready to go home i. too, and i'm looking forward to passing in budget
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thank you to you all for this budget >> thank you supervisor breed. supervisor mar >> thank you supervisor farrell. i want to start by thanking my staff who worked their butts off and the interims and all the other aids as well coordination amongst each other and the communication and fighting for your district and i feel proud that a fair share has been won for the richmond and on the citywide lovely strong, strong support for the most vulnerable and preventing the safety net for children and seniors with sdabts. i want to thank chair farrell for the transparent and balance how he led our